Sell, Sell…Brand


Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that. Even the most well-intentioned brands often leave their sales team out in the cold, poorly armed with some dog-eared DLE’s stacked to the edges with a complex yawn-fest of features and benefits.

Sales enablement tools shouldn’t be this way. They are just as much part of the brand experience as any other touchpoint whether it’s the logo, the big TVC, the nationwide roadshow or the Instagram stories.

Of course, sales tools require feature, benefit and cost information so the audience has a clear understanding of what they’re considering or committing to. But they also need to be imbued with the organisational values, emotional triggers, creative hooks and tone of voice that drew you to the brand in the first place – a continuation of the consistent and engaging story.

And it’s very rarely just a sales tool in isolation. We see vastly improved sales performance from an integrated suite of tools that present a logical flow of carefully planned touchpoints from early awareness nurtured right through to conversion and ongoing support.

Sales folk often present the day-to-day human face of your brand. When they feel supported with the right materials and are in sync with your brand and marketing objectives the resulting advocacy is a powerful motivator for your customers or clients.

Over the years we’ve delivered a wealth of sales enablement initiatives, nurture journeys, incentive programmes and integrated toolkits, both on and offline. These work most effectively when we’ve canvassed stakeholder insights directly from the sales team to ensure the graft on the ground is closely aligned with the aspirations of the brand.