Panic Read This


COVID19 shed light on some basic human truths. For example, who knew that human beings, when faced with the possibility of impending doom, would covet toilet paper above all other things? This mob mentality also seemed to extend to business communications. Seemingly, the virus that destroyed our dignity at the supermarket, also destroyed our collective ability to talk to our customers in an interesting or unique way.

Suddenly, business bingo was a dull and dreary game. One 3-minute ad break would fill your entire card. Unprecedented times?

CHECK. Stay safe. CHECK. Pivot. BINGO…What’s for dinner?


Like many aspects of life and culture, the pandemic has forced us to a crossroads.

Do we use this circuit-breaker to forge a new path, or revert to what we know?

When it comes to business bingo, it would be a better world for everyone if we all pretended the words “going forward” never happened.

Here’s a quick look at some of the words and phrases that should undeniably be filed in the “To never do” pile.

Trusted partner
Trusted experts
Solution provider
Expert advice
Customer focused
One stop shop
Industry leaders
Cutting edge
Leading edge
Results focused
Results driven
Best in breed
Maximise ROI
Future ready
Best in class
Global innovators
First class services
We’ve got your back
Your business is our passion
With you every step of the way
We go the extra mile
Robust solutions
Thought leaders
We’re here for you
We speak your language
We deliver outcomes
Your one-stop shop
We think outside of the box
Pain point
Next level
Game changer
Raising the bar
Customised solutions
We work for you
By your side


Creative business communications call for courage. It’s a special kind of company that learns more about their customers and talks to them in a way that feels relevant and interesting. However, it’s a smart move because distinctive communication will get you noticed, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

On the other hand, resorting to the same bland clichés assumes that your target audience is comprised of
personalityless drones and that’s not a great start to a lasting relationship.

So come on fellow Captains of Industry, we’ve got this. We’re a team of five million who kicked COVID to the curb. How about we turn our minds to communicating with each other in an interesting and authentic way?

We will if you will.