Growing the sett

Here we welcome three new badgers to the sett (the actual word for a badger habitat describing interconnected tunnels and chambers). But rather than chatting about this fierce and enigmatic little Mustelidae, let’s read about a few rather great humans.


Janine Parkinson

Having worked with some of New Zealand’s leading brands and businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors, Janine brings design and communication expertise, brand and business acumen, meticulous project management and production savvy to all projects.

Corporate and Investor communications is a niche area of expertise and her understanding of the complexities of integrated and sustainability reporting has come to the fore with listed clients seeking to better engage their stakeholders and comply with NZX requirements.


Gina Wolfgramm

Gina makes moving images. Moving in the sense they hit you in the feels AND moving about the screen to connect with today’s valuable yet droplet-sized attention span. She also has a wealth of art-working experience delivering brutally accurate, sizable and complex documents such as annual and sustainability reports for large organisations.


Carron Knill

Carron’s career has spanned four continents and 20+ years (a long time) in the creative industry.

During this time Carron has honed her skills as a chaos-tamer, problem-solver, client-whisperer and project-guru, across a broad sweep of disciplines and industries. She’s managed large scale international events, time sensitive reports, complex websites, rebrands, new brands, internal comms programmes, motion graphics and presentations, across countries, and cultures.

Carron’s experience (a bunch) in agency has provided her with the ability to view projects from a strategic, creative and management viewpoint. This gives her a unique understanding of a project and how best to approach it effectively, on brief, on time and on budget. List-making, order-sorting and project management are her superpowers.